David – Architecture & Landmarks

While the city continues to grow in prosperity, David offers architecture and landmarks that date back to colonial times. The Catedral de San Jose de David is central to the life of many locals in the city and is a popular place for visitors seeking to explore local architecture.

A current development of nearly $5 million is the El Pameda (El Parque Metropolitano de David), which will offer a more modern view of David’s development and architecture. The focus of this park, slated to open soon, will be to develop family and community interaction and preserve the natural resources that David has to offer.

A smaller yet more traditional park experience can be found at Parque Cervantes. Located in the middle of the city and nearby hotels, shops and cafes, this is a famous landmark for both locals and tourists alike. The center of the park features a fountain and stone display and is also home to several species of large iguanas and bats.