Boquete – Architecture & Landmarks

As a small valley town, Boquete allows visitors to see and experience a more traditional side of Panama. Starting with Plaza Los Establos, visitors will be able to experience shopping, retail and dining options while also viewing the more traditional stucco architecture that makes up many of the buildings in the town center. From here, you will be able to experience the quaintness of the Panama countryside, as well as plan your day-trips and excursions to nearby outdoor sites.


Those who adventure further out will quite possibly opt to see the Volcan Baru Summit. This volcano allows, under very special weather circumstances, visitors to view both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean see at the same time. It is a relatively difficult and rugged climb and can take nearly 6 hours roundtrip. It is recommended to do this only with an official tour company.

Petroglyphs dating back to the Boquete’s origin are a famous site to behold. Located slightly outside of the town in Cuesta de Piedra, the petroglyphs are clearly visible alongside rock formations and are thought to have been used for calendar purposes. The site itself is believed to be more than 8,000 years old.