Panama City – Museums

Panama City offers an array of museums that offer unique attractions against modern backdrops. The facilities at many of Panama City’s museums are world class and easily accessible by taxi or bus from most locations within the city center.

Panama Canal Museum

Located in a resorted office building, this museum showcases all aspects of the Panama Canal, from construction to modern day operations. Located in Panama City’s old quarter, visitors will enjoy a detailed history of the canal including the many stages of development and construction (by both the French and the Americans) as well as many original documents, photos and more related to the development and ongoing management of the canal.



Focused on the natural history of Panama as a whole, visitors to this museum will surely first notice the unique design of the building. Opened in 2014, the design of the museum was undertaken by Frank Gehry. Including exhibits related to the natural and cultural history of Panama, the museum utilizes a variety of exhibits to tell the story of Panama, from its birth and emergence from the oceans to its modern day importance as the connecter of the Atlantic and Pacific.


Museum of Contemporary Art

This museum is Panama’s only one focused on contemporary art. Exhibits are focused on artists from Panama as well as around Latin America. Large and spacious, the museum is well known for hosting a wide range of events around culture and heritage, with exhibits and shows constantly being updated and announced. Previous exhibits have included everything from film screenings to Japanese anime exhibits.